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Once Upon A Time…

…there was a poor pup named Capulin.  He was a sad pup indeed because, as it turns out, he had parvo.   No magic beans (magic beans meaning money to pay for treatment) were to be had by his family.  A curse was placed upon him and he was sentenced to death.    Capulin challenged cruel fate to a duel in order to break the curse, his weapon being his lighting- fast wagging tail.  He wiggled and waggled and danced in circles, but alas, no amount of twirling and spinning and tail thumping could thwart the coming of the Reaper.  At the final hour, when all seemed lost, a wandering Fairy Godmother (that would be me) witnessed his amazing act of defiance in the face of death, and uttered the magic spell that would break the curse– “I’ll take him”.   He returned home with her to her small cottage, where he was welcomed by two others of his kind.  After many magical potions, the parvo was cured.  Because he was granted a new life, he was given a new name–“Grimm”, a reminder of the near miss he had with the Grim Reaper, but also a nod to the fact that sometimes, fairy tales do come true, as relayed by the brothers Grimm [not all of their stories end in death and destruction, and besides, I couldn’t name him Disney].

Grimm the parvo survivor

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